Friday, 12 April 2013

Let's Get This Ball Rolling...

 Well Hello There! 

Welcome to M is for Meg
(or should you be welcoming me seeing as how I'm the newbie in the bloggersphere here??)

So I thought long and hard about how I'd start this little piece of the internet and I came to the conclusion that it only made sense to kick things off by letting everyone on the Internet know 25 random facts about me. So here it goes…

1.  My name is Megan but until about the age of 12 I was adamant I was going to change my name to Jasmine (after the Disney princess - obviously).

2.  I’m currently in my second year at the University of Kent, Canterbury and I love it a LOT.

3.  Before I left for uni I hadn’t ever spent more than a week away from home – talk about flying the nest!

4.  Leaving my mum to go to uni was VERY hard for me and many a tear was shed over the first term –yes, the whole term.

5.  There isn’t a Primark in Canterbury so I am “forced” to spend a lot of my budget in Topshop and Boots.

6.  I absolutely hate the sound of Velcro and it makes my tummy feel funny.

7.  I LOVE TO BAKE (when is the next season of the Great British Bake-off coming in to my life?)

8.  Cheesy pop music puts me in a very happy mood.

9.  Saying that, I'll pretty much listen to anything – The Eagles, The Rolling Stones, Tom Odell, BeyoncĂ©, Robbie Williams and Laura Mvula are some of my favourites at this very moment in time.

10. I have a very serious intolerance to and can't eat wheat and I miss a good slice of carrot cake now and again.

11.  I live with 3 of my best friends and they are all incredible in their own ways, and are all totally nuts.

12.  In August of this year I am flying out to Buffalo, New York to spend a year studying at SUNY at Buffalo and I am super duper excited and nervous all mixed in to one. (eeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!)

13.  I’m a summer girl and snow really frustrates me…Buffalo is known to have had 10ft of snow before.

14.  If I could eat cheese at every meal I think I would – especially baked Camembert.

15.  I LOVE musicals and the West End is my happy place.

16.  I have worked as a waitress since the age of 15 and I love it (most of the time).

17.  I have a pretty large family with 1 sister, 1 brother, 2 step-brothers and 4 step-sisters...

18.  The "step-" label means very little to me and I class them all as my brothers and sisters and wouldn’t change my circumstances for all the tea in china.

19.  I try and drink a cup of green tea every morning – give The London Tea Company’s “Green Tea, Mango & Ginger” a go, I dare you.

20. One of the best nights of my life was visiting the Norfolk coast with my 3 best friends, staying in a caravan and dipping our toes in the freezing sea until 4 in the morning.

21. The best cocktail I ever drank was “The Grinch” from the “Blue Bar and Grill” down at Liverpool docks.

22. “The Life You Save May Be Your Own” by Flannery O’Connor is quite possibly my favourite short story.

23. When I was 11 years old I broke both my arms, at the same time, by going over the handlebars of a BMX.

24. I’m a worrier and I tend to get panicky over the simplest of things – it’s possibly the thing I find most frustrating about myself.

25. The idea of people reading my blog scared me, initially. But it’s something I’ve wanted to do for a long time and…I hope you enjoy it! 

  So there you have it folks, there's 25 things that you didn't know about me before! I'm going to be using my internet space as a place to share the things that I get up to and love. As a bit of a heads up I love...baking, shopping, bargains and going for a few cheeky drinks - so make of that what you will! 



  1. I can't eat wheat (or gluten) either! I have Coeliac disease.

    Do you have any good recipes for substitute carrot cakes though? There would be one you could make :)

    Rachel is Elsewhere

    1. Such a nightmare isn't it! Funny you should say that, it's my friends birthday next week and she's requested a carrot cake so keep your eyes peeled for that! x