Sunday, 21 April 2013

Smooth Sunday's

Well hello there!

Happy Sunday everyone! 
Ahhh Sunday, the day of rest. Sunday's seem to be heralded as a day of peace, tranquility and utter bliss. For who?? Not for me I can assure you that. In fact, Sunday's are quite frequently the day of the week on which I am most stressed, running around panicking about everything that I haven't managed to get finished during the duration of the week that's just flown past. If I'm not at home I'm at uni stressing about my workload, and if I'm not at uni I'm at home, working in the local pub attempting to keep my financial head bobbing above the water. 

Maybe that's just me. 

But nether the less, whether you need a soothing beat to calm your stressful head, or if you're a lucky Sunday relaxer, I've decided that every Sunday I'll be posting my recommended Smooth Sunday track of the week. A song that I've been loving over the week that you can slip in to your ears and enjoy for 4 minutes before going back to that mountain of work spilling from your desk or to pulling the chicken out of the oven to satisfy the family that have spontaneously turned up for a Sunday roast. 

I've decided to get the ball rolling with a Sunday (Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday...) favourite of mine. A voice which soothes my aching temples and makes me imagine that I'm taking a long hot bath. 

Benjamin Francis Leftwich

Box of Stones is a favourite of mine. The vocals are beautifully rough and mellow and he accompanies himself with a delicate guitar tab. Truly lovely and majestic. If that ideal image of a Sunday could be wrapped up in a song...I think this might just be it? What do you think?...

In the open has got a slightly faster tempo and makes you want to softly swing your head from side to side with a weird smile on your face, clicking your fingers to the soft beat. You probably won't head spin for long though because you'll realise how strange you look and immediately stop. Good for you if you don't though. Back to the's got a beautiful melody and a folksy/country/indie feel to it. It's a repeater. Take a listen for yourselves if you're a Leftwich newbie...

He's got FREE music over on his website sitting all pretty and waiting for you to download and everything!
And if all that isn't enough for you I seriously urge you to head to iTunes or and grab yourself his album. Perfect for those summer days which I'm sure will be heading our way soon! 

Do you guys have any quintessential Sunday songs? 


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