Sunday, 28 April 2013

Smooth Sunday's

Well hello there! 

Apparently another week has somehow managed to slip past us all and it's Sunday again! I've been stressing out a lot this week...revision has kicked in to full gear and I'm still at home so I'm juggling revising with work and swatting away annoying younger siblings. But hey ho, these things are sent to try us! 

This week my free moments have been accompanied by the sound of The 1975. Their sounds are pretty mixed but we're talking a soft, pop-punk, alternative rock sound.

Only 2 of their EP's are out for sale at the moment. The first one to be released was Sex EP (2012). My favourite song from both EP's is Sex, a smooth, vocally strong track with those slightly melodramatic lyrics that you'd usually find at home in an indie song. That's a mighty fine guitar that their front man's got here as well:

Following that, this year the band release Music For Cars EP (2013). As the name suggests, the EP's got a very relaxed, up beat sound that's perfect for summer drives. A bit more of a pop feel and, although I personally prefer their first EP, a great follow up:

Check out their website where they've got both EP's to have a listen to and plenty of images and videos to scroll through. What do you reckon? One to add to the playlist? 
Let's hope the week to come isn't as stressful as the previous! 


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