Monday, 15 April 2013

The Camden Cookie Monster

Well hello there! 

As I mentioned in my first post, I'm a bit of a baking fan - Paul Hollywood is my kinda man and Mary Berry is nothing less than adorable. I like the whole process. From the therapeutic mixing, to the smell from the oven starting to waft itself around the house, to biting in to the gooey or crumbly bake whilst it's too damn hot and burning my mouth. But, for me there's one big problem...I have a wheat intolerance. So over the years (5 to be precise) I've found that baking is a whole different ball game and a tricky one at that! 

The point of that massive ramble was that whilst on a recent trip to Camden Market, I discovered a wee little bakery called "Cookies and Scream". I stood there drooling over the (thankfully covered) baked treats for a few minutes before i realised the sign above my head informing me that EVERY product that "Cookies and Scream" sell are egg, wheat and gluten free. Woah now ladies and gents, don't get too excited too soon...the bakes are also low fat, low cholesterol and made with unrefined sugars. 

Hallelujah, we have ourselves a winner here folks. 

I opted for "The Scream Sandwich", one of the bakeries Special Cool Cookies. Now there are a few points I look for in a good cookie sandwich...
1. Size - holy cow these are a mouthful! Absolutely no disappointment on the size front, 2 thick chocolate chip cookies sandwiched together with a large splodge of coconut and vanilla frosting. Great value for money (£3 per sandwich) 
2. Texture - Gluten and dairy free food has a tendency to be so damn dry and crumbly, so much so that I found myself really wishing that this cookie marvel was going to pack a texture punch. My oh my it did. The cookies were crumbly yet still soft and moist, whilst the frosting worked as a smooth, decadent relief from its carby surroundings.
3. Taste - As if you haven't guessed already. Rich and balanced, the hint of coconut in the frosting gave a refreshing edge, and there was no scrimping on the choccy either. 

I even had enough left over for a post-dinner snack to eat with a glass a milk whilst I caught up on Dexter!

"Cookies and Scream" also delve in to the world of brownies, cupcakes, cakes, doughnuts and cookies. Even if you can sit and scoff your face with wheat and gluten all day long, I'd highly recommend giving your system a break and heading down to Camden for a bite of almost guilt-free baked goodness! 



  1. I love cookies too lol and this looks so yummy! I'd love to visit Camden :)

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    1. Me and my gf/vegan friends NEED this!! Too bad we live in New Zealand :(

      Rachel is Elsewhere