Saturday, 4 May 2013

Leave Me In London, Please

Well hello there!

- Brief side note; I had a memory card malfunction this week so please excuse the instragrammed goodness that is about to come your way! - 

My friends and I are lucky enough to be in London quite a lot – we run around catching trains and stressfully navigate through the traffic desperately praying that our weighty Primark bags aren’t going to split.

As beautiful as the city is, we rarely get time to relax in it and soak it in. So we decided we would take a stand and enjoy our city. No strict time limits, no unnecessary luggage and absolutely no boys allowed.

We were lucky enough for it to be a beautiful day so our smiles were that little bit wider.

We took a trip to The Natural History Museum in South Kensington, which really is beautiful now that the blossom has started coming out.

And the museum's free, so our pockets had happy faces as well!

We saw the dinosaurs and the blue whale and took embarrassingly shameful selfies with the exhibits (all in the name of humour I have to add…)

After two hours of perusing we jumped on the tube to Covent Garden and after some browsing and street distractions we magically ended up in Wahaca surrounded by mouth-watering Mexican delights.

Coordinating your nail colour with Wahaca's seed freebies is the next big thing, by the way. How cute is this idea by the way? Mints are so last year.

We skipped dessert and got an ice cream from an old school ice-cream van instead. We sat in the Leister Square sun and chatted all things girly.

We ended our day of touristy fun by getting in to a recording of Nick Grimshaw’s new BBC Three programme “Sweat the Small Stuff” (the tickets for which we got from Applause Store)…funny, childish and oh so crude. But no cameras were allowed in so you’ll have to wait for it to air in the next couple of weeks.

The day was so relaxed and I fell in love with our little capital once again. I can’t recommend enough taking a day to de-stress and do the things that you usually stroll past thinking “one day”.  

Are there any places in particular that you've always wanted to peruse? 


  1. This was so enjoyable to read! Great job.

    Cheers, Kelsey.

  2. I went to the natural history last week it was mega busy, new follower :) i'd love it if you followed me back. your blog layout is really good
    Jorden x