Monday, 6 May 2013

Stressin' Up & Messin' Up

I'm a worrier. A self confessed procrastinator despite my best attempts to sit and work (I can tell you right now being addicted to reading blogs and watching YouTube videos is NOT helpful in any way shape or form). In fact there was a point this week that I fell asleep whilst revising and when I woke up i cried. I cried because I felt I couldn't afford to give my body the rest that it so obviously needed. It got me thinking that sometimes you need to take a step back and breathe. 

For a lot of people, April & May are months which are met with mixed feelings - you're happy because the days have got longer and warmer (finally) but you're stuck inside trying to motivate yourself to reply to all those emails, do that revision and file all that paperwork. 

Just take a couple of seconds to breathe. Take a step back and put things in to perspective.

Although it may seem to be the worst use of your time, you have to give yourself time to stop. Even if it's an hour that you spend making yourself a proper lunch and properly sitting down to eat it. Or sifting through Bloglovin and oogling at others seemingly stress free lives. An hour to de-muddle your tired little brain is essential for long term stress heads. 

When you're sat further stressing yourself out because of how easy and magical everyone else's lives look through their facebook or their blog, take a second to look through the recent photos that you posted of a night out or your instagrammed photo of you in the pub garden last Sunday. To others, your life might just look pretty peachy on the outside as well. What goes on behind closed doors is unknown, so don't judge a book by its cover. Everyone has their own stresses in life.

And if neither of those have put a thoughtful smile on your face or begun to restore your faith in your motivational brain cogs, take a look at my beautiful pup thinking he's a human...



  1. Hey chick!
    Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog
    Your blog is wonderful :)
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    Would you like to follow each other via twitter, bloglovin, instagram & gfc so we can be blogger buddies?
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    1. Well thanks very much! Yours is lovely too! Yeah of course...I'll get on to it now!