Saturday, 22 June 2013

Festival Do's & Don'ts

I have to admit it...I'm a festival junkie. From small local festivals to the big'uns - I've given it a go. My first festival was Latitude in 2010 when I was just 17. Since then I've been back to Latitude every year, as well as going to Reading, Playfest & V festival. This year I'll be making my annual trip to Latitude in amongst going to Wireless & Standon Calling. As you can probably gather I have an unhealthy obsession with getting extremely muddy and a little tipsy with my friends and listening to new and old music.

Having made the classic festival mistakes (yes, I took a hairdryer to my first festival and ended up lost in a forest dressed as Minnie Mouse), here are some of my festival Do's & Don'ts:

DO... Take your own food! The prices inside are extortionate and you've already shelled out enough for the ticket. Most festival campsites won't allow campfires or BBQ's because of the health and safety risk - dry and pre-prepared foods are going to be your friends. 

DO... Check out the smaller stages during the day. Festivals are a great chance to see up and coming acts before it costs you £80 to see them alone. 

DO... Take a disposable camera. No explanation needed.

DON'T... Drink so much you fall asleep early and miss the acts you really want to see. Festivals are a hub of excessive drinking but you don't need to be lured into that trap and spend then entire weekend feeling awful. Know your limits.

DON'T... Drive to a festival. If your can get the train, a coach, or get a lift - do it. The chances are that after being a festival for a weekend, you're going to be tired and possibly a bit hungover. It's not worth the risk and trying to get out of a muddy car park is exhausting in itself.  

DO... Stick with your friends. I got lost at a festival once, my phone had died and I spent at least an hour walking around trying to find everyone again. 

DO... Take back-up phone chargers! Yes...plural. 

DON'T... Take a 8 man tent unless you're 100% sure you know how to put it up. You'll end up in a huff and sleeping in the mud in your sleeping bag. 

DON'T... Leave your hand sanitiser at home! Festival toilets are notoriously offensive to pretty much all of the senses and to your immune system as well.

So there you have it. Take it from a girl who's made many a festival faux-pas and trust me on these ones. 


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  1. Found your blog through serena (pretty wild things)

    Great post, I definitely havent come across to many posts like this, so good work :)

    I have followed your blog :)

    Nicole xx