Thursday, 27 June 2013

You're In Norfolk, Buh

Yesterday, I was in a miserable mood. I'm supposed to be going on holiday next Tuesday and I'm having passport issues. However, fingers crossed it's all going to be sorted in the nick of time! Because of this, my friend picked me up and decided he was going to take my mind off things and we were going to visit The Royal Norfolk Show so that he could follow me around the food hall. 

The boy did good. He replaced all my passport worries with lusty feelings for local food. 

There were lots of gluten free goodies to peruse and purchase too...


Like most English events, the day ended in a hideous downpour that had us running through the muddy fields back to the car and into the long queues of traffic! 

What are your feelings of local shows?? A waste of money or a good celebration of county goodness?

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