Monday, 26 August 2013

Watermelon Cooler

When you say "Watermelon Cooler" to me I think of a couple of things...a hot beach, that summer song, tanned men and perhaps a splash of vodka in there for good luck? Well, unfortunately sometimes dreams remain just dreams...when I blended together my refreshing drink I was about as far away from the image I was fawning over as you could possibly imagine. In fact, I was babysitting my younger sisters on a rainy, British summer afternoon. But nonetheless this little number slipped down a treat.

You're going to need:
1 Watermelon 
1 lime 
Sugar to taste 

 Now get out your notepads and pop your chefs hats on; this is a toughie.

De-skin and chop your watermelon. 
Blitz in a blender until smooth.
Add the juice of the lime, the sugar and your ice and blitz again.
Serve, cold. 
(If you're fussy - or you're serving this drink to youngsters - I'd pop it through a sieve to get any seeds out) 

If, like most of us, you're not lucky enough to be sipping this on the beach, I recommend you serve it up in pitchers at a late summer BBQ. Perhaps keep a bottle of White Rum or Vodka to the side for when the afternoon starts to turn to evening. Enjoy! 


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