Sunday, 1 September 2013

A Month in Retrospect - August

August has been nothing short of mental. It's been filled with numerous birthday's, the last of this summer's festivals, a shooting star shower, lots of goodbyes, and lots of new hello's as I packed up my stuff and moved to Buffalo, New York. 

Ears: At the beginning of the month I went to Standon Calling and it was so much better than I ever pictured in my head. The crowds were small, the nights were long and the music was raw and intimate. Bastille and De La Soul stole the weekend for me. Bastille with their newness and their energy that was mirrored in their indie-rock songs, and De La Soul with their insane old-school hip-hop classics.  

Eyes: At the beginning of summer I purchased 3 disposable cameras (3 for £15 off amazon). I kept one in my bag wherever I went and playfully snapped away the summer. I just love the outcome of disposables - there's an essence of fun and non-perfection with the finished product and there's an eager anticipation when you're waiting for your photos to hurry up and be developed that I just love, damn it.

Nose: This month I've returned to a trusty favourite of mine - Paco Rabanne's "Lady Million". It's the fragrance that I pick up when I need a good confidence boost. It's seductive, it's playful, it's woody, but it's fresh as well. It's sexy in that sophisticated, mysterious "less is more" way - as Emma Watson said "What's sexy about saying, 'I'm here with my boobs out and a short shirt, have a look at everything I've got'?". Spritz on some Lady Million and your could still emit sexiness whilst wearing a bin bag.

Mouth: Before I left, I made I quite a few batches of my red onion sausage rolls. Probably not the summeriest of pastries but the good old homemade butteriness and meatiness of these added quite a few inches to my waistline (and I regret nothing). Saying that, quite the selection of ice-creams and sorbets have been making their way to my lips recently....

Hands: Gearing myself up for winter I picked up this black, mohair style cardigan from Primark (£13). Honestly, it's like running your hands through one of those really soft rugs that you get in fancy places.

All in all, I'm a happy bunny. How's your August been? 

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