Sunday, 15 September 2013

Smooth Sunday's

Hold on to your hats, this week is a good'un. You know when you hear someone sing and you just think..."I WANT THIS PERSON TO SING AT MY WEDDING" No? Just me? Well I want Josh Kumra to his sweet sweet thang when/if I ever get hitched. His voice is so smooth, the authentic realness of the plucking of the guitar strings is the nicest break from the auto-tuned world we live in. 


His debut album "Good Things Come To Those Who Don't Wait" came out earlier this year and it's really really good. You know when you can just tell that someone's a singer-songwriter? That's Josh Kumra. He's a hard one to explain - I just can't recommend enough that you give him a listen.

The rest of his stuff is seriously worth checking out as well over on his YouTube channel - JoshKumraTV


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  1. Going to check him out right away!