Sunday, 22 September 2013

Smooth Sunday's

Ok, I know I might be a little late to this party. But I've really been enjoying Hoodie Allen this week. But, whilst I love a good hip-hoppy rapper, it's his acoustic YouTube videos which have had me hooked. I think I might be the Autumnal air or something but I just love acoustic at this time of year. I find it so refreshing when artists go back to basics. And I just love an acoustic guitar. 

Check out the rest of Hoodie Allen's acoustic covers (of his own songs) over on his YouTube channel wearehoodie. I've actually got myself tickets to his show in Buffalo next month which I am VERY excited about. Let's hope he whips out the ol' acoustic. 

What do you reckon? How do you feel about artists bringing back the acoustic sets? 

On a completely different note - I headed out to Buffalo Fashion Week last night with the lovely Allison from so look out for a post on that. In the mean time, check out her roundups of what's gone on so far! 


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