Monday, 9 September 2013

Sweetness 7 Cafe

You know when you're just walking along the street and there's a shop or a café that you physically can't just walk by? Sweetness 7 Café, on Parkside (Buffalo), is that in a nutshell. In fact, if you ever manage to do it, you'll have to let me know because I'm pretty sure it's entirely unmanageable.

Lets start with the good stuff - food. Sweetness 7 Café specialise in crêpes, with enough savoury and sweet options for even the fussiest eaters. They really have nailed their batter i here. You'd think you were in a French crêperie. They're smooth, buttery, thin rounds of heaven. I went for the "Hippie Hippie Shake" which was the perfect combo of turkey, goats cheese, bacon and spinach, with the smoothest béchamel sauce ladled over the top. 
If you're not drooling - what's wrong with you?

When I go in again my tummy, and my sweet sweet tooth, will be welcoming the "Afterglow" - crêpes topped with lemon curd, kiwis and whipped cream. 

How cute is this idea? A "difference" jar to raise money to enable the café to help someone out in the community. 

This place is perfect. For a quick drink, to fill your tum with naughtiness, to laze around with friends and play board games, to sit and get the picture. 

Make sure you check them out here - their Grant Street café looks amazing as well! 

As a quick heads up...anyone who took me on a date here would almost definitely get a double thumbs up.


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