Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Lake Effect Diner

I found it. The American Diner. Like the one for Grease when Frenchie exposes her pink hair and then spills her milkshake.

To you American's, it's probably nothing. But to a little English girl like me, it's pretty darn exciting.

Actually, I take that back. Lake Effect Diner is something special wherever you're coming from. Maybe the novelty of the setting will gage a different reaction, but the food is spot on.

This whopper of a plate may not be winning any points for prettiness, but for flavour it's a puncher. It's called the Blizzard Breakfast and it's got my head in a right spin. 

You'll be getting yourself: 2 homemade sausages, bacon, eggs cooked to your liking, toast, homefries and a pancake with maple butter and whipped cream.

I'll be honest, the homefries, toast, and eggs were so so. Nothing fancy or out of the ordinary.

But oh boy does this place know how to serve their meats. The bacon is cured and flavoured on site. No mucking around with processed cuts here. It's all good and proper - cured with a maple glaze and cooked until crispy, but not cremated. 

The sausages were out of this world. 

Homemade discs of proper meat, made fresh on site every morning. Tender and meaty without being chewy or dry. I'm going to say it - the best sausage I ever had. 

The pancakes are good too - fluffy and light while remaining thick and substantial. I don't know how they do it. Mine always sway one way or the other, but these were balanced just right. The homemade apple butter that melted on top was so sweet and smooth. The perfect pair. 

Lake Effect Diner is one of Buffalo's best kept secrets. So grab your friends and head over. 

Are there any hidden gems in your town?



  1. American diners need to be more wide spread in the UK - I went on a royal caribbean cruise a couple of years ago and they had an american diner on board (johnny rockets) and it was amazing! x

    Heather | Of Beauty & Nothingness

  2. I love diners!
    We had one in the UK but it just wasn't the same and after we visited America the first time, it just became crystal clear that immitations are let downs. There's something so honest about American diner food and I think it's probably because it's very similiar to South African food that I like it so much. It makes me think of home!

    By the way, you have a fantastic blog here, Meg! And thanks for the follow on Bloglovin'.
    Are you on Twitter? I couldn't find any of your social media links so perhaps you can send me your handle so I can follow you?

    Samantha x