Friday, 10 January 2014

Hidden Islands | Malta

I have to say start this post by telling you that before my best friend told me she was going to study for a year in Malta, I was completely ignorant to it as a country. And from watching other people's reactions to her announcement, they were as well.

Well, more fool us, because this little island that swims by next to Southern Italy is beautiful.

There's a beautiful nod to nature that can be seen on almost every square inch of the country. Its block designed streets mean that natural light flows in lines throughout and the day, and the tiny circumference of the island means that beautiful views and cliffs are never too far away. 

Valletta is the countries capital. Littered with history and bathed in sunshine, the stone, the water and the plants shined in unison. 

It's a "city built by gentlemen for gentlemen" and was one of the first European cities constructed on an entirely new site.and it's beautiful.

Valletta was beautiful, but if you're looking for a view - get yourself down (or up) to Dingli Cliffs. 

There are planned routes that you can take around the outskirts, but if you're feeling brave enough, take yourself off the beaten track and find your own slice of the cliff to take in your surroundings. 

There's nothing better than finding a hidden slice of the world that's still got it's charm. Where's your secret spot? 


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